iPod Touch 4th Generation Repair in Phoenix

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iPad Touch 4th Gen Repair

The iPod Touch 4th Generation device was a real hit with customers who were eager to get their hands on more Apple magic. This iPod has all the capabilities of previous incarnations, but also has added features, such as giving users the ability to connect to the internet through Wi-Fi. As a result, users were able to download songs and movies directly to their iPods, which also functioned as a handheld computer and allowed users to play video games, surf the web, and, of course, make phone calls.

In the event that you experience a situation where you need iPod 4th generation repair such as not connecting to the internet, has a cracked or broken  screen, or needs LCD replacement, you can get in touch with us by phoning (480) 744-5494 to make an appointment. Or, just walk in to our Phoenix store during normal business hours and one of our technicians will check your device while you wait. If you are unable to come in to our shop, try our Ship-to-Repair service that allows you to send your iPod device to us by mail carrier. Once our technicians ensure it is running properly again, they will send it right back.

List of iPod Touch 4th Gen Repairs Offered


We take a look to see if your precious device can be salvaged before you consider spending money on a new one and the best part of our diagnostic service is that it’s 100% free!


The iPod Touch can be a fragile device, and it is easy to accidentally shatter the screen. If this fate befalls you, contact us now for a quick and easy replacement.


Without a properly functioning LCD display on your iPod Touch, it is nothing more than an ornament, so get our technicians to fix it today.

WiFi REPAIR – $20

One of the great features of the iPod Touch is its easy internet access, so if this is not functioning, allow us to repair it and get you surfing the web again.


If you enjoy listening to music and watching movies on your iPod Touch, a broken headphone jack is a nightmare. Send us your iPod Touch and we will quickly begin the repair process.


You need a properly functioning home button to navigate your iPod Touch, so stop by if your device’s home button is stuck or inactive.