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iPhone 5 repair

Most people simply cannot do without their iPhone 5. So much so, that when the average person realizes that their phone was left at home, they’ll turn the car around to go grab it. With so many advances in mobile phone technology, smartphone users now have easy access to all of their favorite desktop applications and websites at the touch of their finger. When this convenience is suddenly taken away, we begin to question how we can possibly function without our phones. Fortunately, if you need iPhone 5 screen repair for damaged or cracked glass, the pros here at Phoenix iPhone Repairs have the knowledge and ability to get it back up and running again!

Our technicians are experts when it comes to damaged iPhone 5 repair service with specialist knowledge of the iPhone 5. Most of the problems our team encounters include broken displays, speakers, and power supplies, and we have the tools and know-how to swiftly repair your electronic friend. If you wish to schedule an appointment, call us at (480) 559-9694 or simply walk-in to our store and explain your issue to one of our technicians. If you are unable to reach our store, try our Ship-to-Repair program, as it allows you to send your iPhone to us from the comfort of your home via mail. Our technicians will repair it as soon as they can and send it straight back to you.

List of iPhone 5 Repairs Offered


Before deciding on a course of action, allow one of our technicians to analyze your iPhone to see what’s wrong. This service is free, so bring your phone in today!

Audio Jack Repair

You can’t use speakers or headphones if your audio jack is broken. Luckily, our technicians have parts on-hand and can fix this issue with ease.

Back Casing Repair

Our technicians repair a great deal of broken cases. So if your iPhone’s casing is cracked or broken all together, stop by today for a quick fix.

Batter Repair

If you have problems with your battery, bring your iPhone to us and we will find out if it needs to be repaired or replaced and act accordingly to get it working like new again.

Glass & LCD Repair

If the glass on your phone is scratched or the LCD display is damaged, you may find it difficult, or even impossible, to use your device. Our technicians can swiftly swap out the glass, often while you wait.

Camera Repair

If your camera isn’t working, how can you capture all of your most memorable moments? Allow our team to fix your camera so you can get back to snapping off photos.

Charging Port Repair

A damaged charging port means your phone’s batteries won’t get charged, hence a useless phone. Bring your phone in immediately to avoid interrupting your connection to the world.

Earpiece Repair

If the earpiece on your phone is broken, you may not be able to hear what callers have to say. To avoid miscommunication, take your phone into our shop today to get it fixed.

Home Button Repair

If your home button is not working, perhaps due to being stuck, navigation can be a problem, but this is an easy fix for our expert team.

Microphone Repair

If others can’t hear you properly while on a phone call, it is likely that your microphone is damaged. Swapping out the microphone with a replacement part is a quick and inexpensive process.

Power Button Repair

When the power button on your iPhone isn’t working properly, you can’t switch it on or off. If this happens to you, simply give us your phone for an easy solution.

Speaker Repair

If your phone’s speaker is not working correctly, frustration when calling others is guaranteed. To ease your worries, send us your device and we will handle the rest.

Tilt Sensor Repair

The tilt function is used in so many applications and games that it needs to be in perfect working order. If your tilt sensor is off, allow us to repair it so you can get back to enjoying your iPhone’s full capabilities.

Vibrate Repair

Placing your phone on vibrate is necessary for some venues, but if your vibrate option is broken you could miss a vital call. Don’t miss any calls while watching your next movie by having us fix the issue today.

Volume Button Repair

You need the volume on your iPhone to work properly or you won’t be able to control the speaker level. This is an easy repair job for our expert team, so stop by today.

Wifi Repair

If your iPhone’s Wi-Fi is not functioning properly, you could end up paying for Internet usage. Don’t allow this to happen; contact us and get it fixed.